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IceCream Opal Brooch in Gold with Champagne Diamonds
  • IceCream Opal Brooch in Gold with Champagne Diamonds

    IceCream from Kohn Trading Co. is a Brooch using different color variations of Opals on 3-dimensional, geometric electroplated black 14K Gold to represent the design motif of scoops of ice cream on a chocolate cone.


    Based on the concept of “Ice Cream,” this handmade brooch can be worn in various ways to represent different ideas. Position upright for scoops of Bubble Gum, Orange Cream Soda, and Vanilla ice cream flavors (as made). Position slightly angled for the concept of a bouquet of flowers; the possibilities are endless, depending on the angle of the Brooch, as well as the wearer’s imagination.


    0.25ct of Champagne Diamonds are used with carefully electroplated black gold to represent a graphical chocolate cone. Customizable for other IceCream Opal flavors of Mint Confetti, Caramel Dreams, Lemonade Sorbet, Matcha Madness. Made with 14K Gold by craftsmen in Taiwan. 

    • Materials & Specifications

      • 8-10ct Ethiopian Opals

      • 18K Gold (Partially Electroplated Black Gold)

      • 0.24ct Champagne Diamonds

      • Dimensions: 1.77″ x 0.79″ (4.5cm x 2cm)

    • One of a Kind

      • There is only 1 piece available.  This piece is available as shown.
    NIKITA_USE (1).jpg

    Our Promise


    Kohn Trading Co. jewelry is made using E/F color VS clarity diamonds and 14K Gold.

    Each centerpiece gemstone is specially selected by our curator and individually made by our craftsmen — ensuring an uniquely one-of-a-kind design jewel in the world.

    Each jewelry with a centerpiece precious gemstone excluding melee diamonds includes a gemological certification to ensure its origin and authenticity.  GRS Certification can be requested with additional fee and lead time.

    Giving Back


    10% or more of our profit generated from each jewelry piece is donated to the Healthcare charity of the country where the piece is sold.

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