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Kohn Trading Co. was founded in 2017 as a trading company for precious gemstones and diamonds. Led by its proprietor KOHN, the company’s access to the world’s finest gemstones and diamonds has led to the establishment of KOHN high jewelry


In 2021, Kohn Trading Co. became the jewelry brand that is conscientious in design, very fine gemstones, and craftsmanship, while high jewelry is being offered by the KOHN brand. Every single piece of jewelry art is made by hand to perfection by our craftsmen in Taiwan, then, packaged inside our Italian made jewelry gift box.


“Our precious gems, ideals in design, made to express — the possibility of the finest life.” —Kohn Liu, Founder of Kohn Trading Co.

Brand Representation & Distribution

Kohn Trading Co. jewelry works are available in the United States through ACGS Brands Inc (ACGS) and in Taiwan/Asia through ACGS’ Taiwan Branch 亞西巨有限公司. To contact us please go through our Distributor by visiting ACGS’ website.  Your online purchase will be processed through ACGS Brands Inc, our exclusive distributor and brand representative.

Giving Back

Kohn Trading Co. is socially conscientious and responsible. 10% or more of Kohn Trading Co.’s profit generated by each jewelry piece sold is donated to the healthcare related charities where the piece is sold to improve the quality of life of that market.

        United States

10% or more profit of each jewelry piece sold is donated to, a healthcare charity provided by The Recording Academy (The Grammy Awards) to musicians.


10% or more profit of each jewelry piece sold is donated to 「台灣全民健保愛心專戶」, a special donation fund set up by the Taiwanese government for its Universal Healthcare system for low income families who may be behind or unable to pay for major operation and other healthcare related costs.

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