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Our Precious Gemstones

We have access to some of the finest precious gemstones in the world.  


Our precious gemstones are sourced from the most respected and renowned gem producing regions of the world such as Sri Lanka for Sapphires, Mozambique for Rubies, Colombia for Emeralds.


Our semi-precious and precious gemstones including diamonds are 100% natural and known to be conflict-free and each having its own unique luster and characteristics, in order to be selected as a KTC jewel.


We hand-select the appropriate high quality gemstone to be made into Kohn Trading Co.’s jewelry.  Our jewelry pieces are not mass produced and are completely one-of-a-kind in gemstone and in craftsmanship.


Special request for gemstone stone upgrades can be requested by our existing customers.

Our Craftsmen

Kohn Trading Co. has a team of 10 craftsmen based in Taiwan.

Our team of bench jewelers have over 30 years of fine and luxury jewelry making experience under their belt.  From diamond-setters, gold-gilding craftsmen, to master goldsmiths, each bench jeweler on our team covers a specific expertise in the jewelry making process.

Kohn Trading Co.'s office in Taipei City of Taiwan is where our design fine jewelry is made.  We established our studio in Taipei, one of Asia's most renowned centers for jewelry making, to ensure the finest craftsmanship is used to create our design pieces.

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