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KTC Curators

Kohn Trading Co. design fine jewels are available in the United States and Taiwan. 

United States


San Francisco, CA

San Francisco's shopping destination located in the popular Mission District for fine design goods.  Acacia specializes in highly curated design goods from high profile brands from Europe and Asia.

Greener Grass Design

Houston, TX

Curator of fine design goods based in Houston Texas, Greener Grass Design selects forward thinking, contemporary design goods including fine jewelry for enlightened customers throughout North America.  The Little, Fireworks, and Ai Collections are available at Greener Grass.

Hickory Dock

Nyack, NY

Established 1988, Hickory Dock is a tourist destination on the Hudson Valley in the historic town of Nyack New York.   The Little, Fireworks, and select items from the Bloomfields Collection are available at this highly curated design and crafts boutique.

Abracadabra Jewelry

Ann Arbor, MI

Established 1973, Abracadabra is the design fine and high jewelry connoisseur in Ann Arbor, MI.  The Abra brand is known for highly curated design and crafts jewelry and jewelry designers.  The Little, Fireworks, and the Ai Collections are available at Abracadabra.



The official online shopping store of Taiwan's largest motor vehicle company HOTAI Motors.  HOTAI Motors is the exclusive distributor for Toyota and Lexus in Taiwan.   


Visit Kohn Trading Co.'s Online Flagship Store on HOTAIGO.

A Retailer that Curates



A retailer that carries Kohn Trading Co.'s  design fine jewels is an esteemed curator of the finest goods in its locality.  For more information to become an authorized retailer, contact our brand representative ACGS.

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