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Giving Back to Our Communities

We believe all should enjoy a high quality life earned. Giving back to the community from where we earn and enjoy our lives is part of this process, which in return will improve our own quality of life. This is how a Finest Life™ is achieved.

We pledge at least 10% of our profit made from each piece sold will be donated to the public and community Healthcare systems from where our works are purchased.

United States

MusiCares provides a safety net of critical health and welfare services to the music community in three key areas:

  • Mental Health & Addiction Recovery Services

  • Health Services: Financial assistance

  • Human Services: Support for basic living expenses like rent, utilities, car payments and insurance premiums in times of hardship


Taiwan’s National Healthcare Insurance Special Donation Account for the Vulnerable


A special government-run emergency fund set up by the Taiwanese government that assists the poorest of the country who are unable to pay for certain higher cost Healthcare related procedures.


Our distributor ACGS Brands Inc, is a sponsor of the Taiwan Mother Hen Society which is currently working in Nepal to establish an educational INGO (International Non-governmental Organization) for the poorest children of Nepal. A portion of our profit is donated to the establishment and operation its school the ChengXie Boddhisattva School.

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