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NIKITA Pink Sapphire Ring
  • NIKITA Pink Sapphire Ring

    The Nikita Pink Sapphire Ring by Kohn Trading Co. uses natural Ceylon Pink Sapphires in oval shape and set in 14K yellow gold.  Each Pink Sapphire selected is near 1 carat (between 0.80ct to 1.00ct).


    Nikita takes its name from Sanskrit meaning “Earth” and “Victor” in Greek. Crafted by hand from scratch by our craftsmen in Taiwan, the Nikita is an artisan jewelry piece designed as an artistic jewelry expression of a sunflower, and of a radiating sun.


    The backside of the Nikita is designed specifically, and unconventionally, to express the sunflower and sun-rays design motif.  This special ring structure allows light to be reflected better from the golden spokes, giving the Pink Sapphire a more vibrant luster and iridescent fire under direct light.


    The Nikita takes an additional polishing process via sandblasting to create a matte gold finish. After this process, it is then hand-polished by our craftsmen on the edges to create an unique burnishing effect with the matte finish.


    • Materials & Specifications

      • 0.80-1.00ct Pink Sapphire

      • 18K Gold (Sandblast Finish, hand-polished burnishing on edges)

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    Our Promise


    Kohn Trading Co. jewelry is made using E/F color VS clarity diamonds and 14K Gold.

    Each centerpiece gemstone is specially selected by our curator and individually made by our craftsmen — ensuring an uniquely one-of-a-kind design jewel in the world.

    Each jewelry with a centerpiece precious gemstone excluding melee diamonds includes a gemological certification to ensure its origin and authenticity.  GRS Certification can be requested with additional fee and lead time.

    Giving Back


    10% or more of our profit generated from each jewelry piece is donated to the Healthcare charity of the country where the piece is sold.

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